About Us

With clients in all Latin America and the United States, we offer services and processes in our facilities that allow us to establish the most suitable workflow for every project: scanner 2K and 4K, telecine HD Dual Link both for 16mm, and 35mm, in two, three or four perforations or from data files (HDCAM, RED Camera, Genesis, Dalsa Origin, Varicam, ARRI D-21, etc.), primary and secondary color grading, film recorder, THX and DOLBY 5.1 mixing stage and optical soundtrack negative (OSTN) printing in SR, SRD and/ or DTS codifications. We also offer specialized services for the distribution and exhibition industry such as: subtitle overlay, rehabilitation of positive copies and trailer localization in versions for Mexico and Latin America.

The visits and audits from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and our active membership in organizations of the national industry such as Cámara Nacional de la Industria Cinematográfica y el Videograma (CANACINE) and the Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories, Inc. (ACVL) on the international industry allow us to be updated and sensitive to the needs of an industry in motion. We are proud of our capacity of search and experimentation of new processes and that is the reason for which we work with diversity of formats and materials always with one common goal: the best result on screen.

It was precisely our compromise of searching new technology that will benefit our costumers what impulsed in 2010, our partnership with Ymagis in France and consecuently the launch of Ymagifilm our new branch of DCI services for Mexico & Latin America wich include: encoding Dolby SCC – 2000, DCP duplication in USB and hard drive, shipping, integration & services to distributors. If you requiere, we are more than happy to detail any information. Please contact us at, labodigital@labodigital.com.mx and + 52 55 55 44 04 66 it will be a pleasure to help you.

Business size

26-100 employees

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